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VOOPOO PNP X Replacement Coil 5pcs


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VOOPOO PNP X Replacement Coil Compatible with DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 Pod Kits, VOOPOO PnP-X replacement Coils adopt a new PnP-X platform. So, it is the latest technological solution combining four innovative technologies in one coil. As a result, the PnP-X coil provides four times more vaping satisfaction than other coils. Furthermore, thermo-stable cotton in coil improves atomization and extends coil lifespan, hence delivering consistent taste.

Moreover, a mesh-distributed heating system, a patented 4-layer leakproof design, and automatic production contribute to coil-enhanced efficiency and performance. With PnP-X Coil, you can enjoy about 100ml of e-Liquid. Lastly, Each VOOPOO PnP-X Replacement Coil option comes in a 5-pack.

Voopoo PnP X Replacement Coil Features:

  • Experience 4 times the vaping pleasure.
  • 4-layer super leakage-proof design ensures a secure vaping experience.
  • Cost-effective and fully compatible with various power ranges (20-40W/60-80W/80-100W & 100W+).
  • Thermo-stable cotton for consistent and stable performance.
  • Mesh-distributed heating system enhances flavor and vapor production.
  • Automatic production ensures high-quality manufacturing standards.
  • Compatible with a full power range of devices: 20-40W, 60-80W, 80-100W & 100W+.
  • Specifically designed for use with Drag S2 & Drag X2 devices.
  • Coil Sustainability: Engineered to handle up to 100ml of e-Liquid.

VOOPOO PNP X Replacement Coil

VOOPOO PNP X Replacement Coils Specification:

Unleash a new level of vaping satisfaction with the Voopoo PnP X Replacement Coils. From leak-proof design to versatile compatibility, these coils offer a premium vaping experience.

  • 4 Times the Pleasure: Enjoy fourfold vaping pleasure with advanced coil technology.
  • Leakage-Proof Assurance: Benefit from a four-layer super leakage-proof design for a secure and mess-free experience.
  • Cost-Effective Compatibility: A cost-effective solution that’s fully compatible with a range of power settings (20-40W/60-80W/80-100W & 100W+).
  • Thermo-Stable Cotton: Ensures consistent performance with thermo-stable cotton technology.
  • Mesh-Distributed Heating: Experience enhanced flavor and vapor production through the innovative mesh-distributed heating system.
  • Automatic Precision: Produced with automatic precision for reliable and high-quality manufacturing.
  • Versatile Power Range: Compatible with a wide power range of devices, including 20-40W, 60-80W, 80-100W & 100W+.
  • Device Compatibility: Specifically designed for compatibility with Drag S2 & Drag X2 devices.
  • Sustainable Coil Life: Engineered to sustain prolonged use, accommodating up to 100ml of e-Liquid.

Package Contents:

  • 1x VOOPOO PNP X Replacement Coil – (Pack of 5)
Weight40 g

0.15 OHM, 0.3 OHM