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Vaper Treats – Pebbles Chesecake – 100ML

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Pebbles Cheesecake by Vaper Treats E-liquid 100ml Review
Sometimes in life the most richest, sweetest, and incredibly decadent dessert flavors are exactly what we need to keep those cravings in check. Well, any vaper that really wants an E-Juice that rocks, Vaper Treats has what you need. Pebbles Cheesecake by Vaper Treats Eliquid 100ml is a mouthwatering, flavorful extravaganza filled with pure goodness. In fact, it goes to new heights in order to flawlessly satisfy in more ways than one.

Inhale some generous tang that comes from fresh cream cheese that’s light, fluffy, and churned to absolute perfection. Then, get that wave of silky vanilla that hits the spot like crazy, followed by notes of intense richness that remind of luscious melted butter. A graham cracker crust adds to this cakey goodness as the creaminess becomes profound. Exhale sugary cereal that puts you in a new mood.

Pebbles Cheese Cake E-Liquid from Vaper Treats arrives in large bottle with an even more dynamic and richer fog base of 70/30 VG/PG that cloud chasers will really enjoy experiencing for hours on end.

Prepare your sweet tooth for what this stunningly rich and oh-so fulfilling sensation has to offer. So awesome in fact, it might just become your next ADV for all the right vaping reasons.

Package Contents Include:

1 x 100ml bottle of Pebbles Cheesecake by Vaper Treats
VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Cheesecake, Fruity Pebbles, Dessert

Nicotine Level(s): 2mg

Weight150 g